A b o u t   M E

» SOMEtimes i believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast. «



My name is Ayla Ginsberg and I am a mountain based artist from Germany.

I am a dreamer and have had my head in the clouds since ever.

 Basically I am just a girl who paints her heart out and welcomes you to walk through her mind 

with the view on her paintings.



I always loved to paint since I can remember.


It always helped me to ground myself and to sort my thoughts when I could paint them out.

It tamed my wild thoughts and gave them life on paper.


My mother always told me that I can be anything I want to be.


And she was right.

So I had a Life everybody seemed to tell me, I could not have.


Two weeks after my Abitur, I had my first Baby. 

I started to study Education and ART at the LUDWIG- MAXIMILIANS- UNIVERSITÄT in MUNICH.

During studying I had my second and my third child. 


In my FINAL EXHIBITION I painted with UV Paint and wanted to tell a story about the fact, that just because you can't SEE something, It does NOT mean ,it is not THERE.

My EXHIBITION was about my Life related to "Alice in Wonderland".


I always felt connected to Alice in Wonderland because she seems to live in her own world - just like I do- and nobody knows if wonderland actually exists.

But the fun fact is: it doesn't MATTER. It exists for HER.

So at the End of the Day it is a form of reality. Even if it's just her reality.


I like to loose myself in these forms of thoughts and I

like to connect with the mysteries of the Universe such as the Subconscious.


SINCE 2020 I am finally a FULL TIME ARTIST.


I moved back in the german alps after I finished University to live in a little witch house between two rivers in the Alps. A beautiful little mountain home in a beautiful place that inspires me every day when I look out of the window.


My subjects changed now from mostly portraits of women to more nature based subjects and are now telling a story of Nature and Mountainlove, too.


I love to express myself through all forms of art ,

so I also sing and songwrite in a band called " HI IT'S ALICE".




Being an artist means the world to me.

It is my safe space and my diary.

It makes me live my true authentic self.


And all of this is just possible because of YOU.

Thank you for making dreams true.

Thank you for making the dream of a little girl that always painted REALITY.






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