A b o u t   M E

» SOMEtimes i believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast. «

Welcome to my flight through storms and sunshine.


My name is Ayla Ginsberg and I am a mountain based artist from Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany.

I am a dreamer and have had my head in the clouds since ever.

I always felt connected to Alice in Wonderland because she seems to live in her own world and nobody knows if wonderland actually exists- but the fun fact is: it doesn't matter. It exists for her. And everybody of us has it's own reality.


And so I am welcoming you with my paintings to take a little walk through my mind.

To give life to my dreams, I started drawing when I could have hold a pen.

Ask my dad- when we had a new car, the first thing I did, was to draw the light grey new leather seats. 

Yeah. Children are awesome right? 


I am a mom of three myself and love everything creative.

I draw, craft, sing and play a few instruments, so I finally ended up in a band called "Pointmen". 

When I had my first baby , two weeks after my "ABITUR", I decided to study art and education after my mom year at the Ludwig-Maximilians- University in Munich. 

Obviously I felt like I didn't have enough to do, so I had a second baby while studying. 


When I had my final exams, I moved back in the beautiful alps .

Home. A beautiful mountain home.

In a little witch house between two rivers.

And then I had our third child. 


Long story short- I love to express myself through all forms of art !

My artworks are like a diary for me.

This contains all that's in my head. Singing, writing, drawing, painting, crafting, building....there is Beauty in everything!

And the fun thing about art and creativity is, that you are never done learning.


There is always more.


The only consistency is: I love to draw faces.

I love faces. 

Maybe this is an artist thing but I am fascinated by people and their looks since I was a child.

Everybody is so beautiful and unique!

And lately I started animals .



It would be an honor for me to draw for you and let you see what I can see.

Feel free to contact me !





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